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II=I (2003)

Rating: 2.5


Progressive Metal

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Track Listing

  1. O Death rock me asleepe
  2. Jubilate Deo (Caterina Assandra)
  3. Maria, dolce Maria (Francesca Caccini)
  4. Amor dormiglione (Barbara Strozzi)
  5. Chiamata a nuovi amori (Barbara Strozzi)
  6. Spesso per entro al petto (Barbara Strozzi)
  7. Das Gartner liedchen aus dem Siegwart (Maria Theresia von Paradis)
  8. Ihr solltet geniessen [from the Singspiel Erwin und Elmire] (Anna Amalia, Duchess of Saxe-Weimar)
  9. Fr|hzeitiger Fr|hling (Josephine Lang)
  10. Fr|hling (Fanny Mendelssohn)
  11. Liebst du um Schvnheit (Clara Schumann)
  12. Der Gartner (Viardot-Garcia)
  13. Mot kveld [Toward Evening] (Agathe Backer Grxndahl)
  14. Si tout ceci n'est qu'un pauvre rjve [from Clairihres dans le Ciel] (Lili Boulanger)
  15. Berceuse d'Amorique [Lullabye of Brittany] (Irene Wieniawska Paul, pseud. Poldowski)
  16. Mon mari m'a diffamie [from Six Chansons Frangaise] (Germaine Tailleferre)
  17. Plaintes d'Amour (Cicile Chaminade)
  18. F|nf Lieder, Nr. 3, 4, 5: Laue Sommernacht, Bei dir ist es traut, Ich wandle unter Blumen (Alma Mahler)
  19. Minstrel Man [from Three Dream Portraits] (Margaret Bonds
  20. Infant Joy (Rebecca Clarke)
  21. Rogez [from Ayelet Hashakhar (Morning Star)] (Miriam Gideon)
  22. I would live in your love [from Woman's Love] (Eichelberger Ivey)
  23. I Love the Night (Marion Bauer)
  24. Let it be forgotten [from Greyed Sonnets] (Judith Lang Zaimont)
  25. Iris [from Four Songs] (Ann Silsbee)
  26. maggie and millie and mollie and may [from though love be a day] (Gwyneth Walker)
  27. When I am an old woman (Libby Larsen)
  28. Andromeda Rag (Elizabeth Vercoe)

Record Label:

Century Media

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