Flesh Eaters
1983 -
(3 out of 5 Stars)
1981 -
(4 out of 5 Stars)
1980 -
(2.5 out of 5 Stars)
A Hard Road To Follow (1983)

Rating: 3


Punk Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Divine Horseman (live) (bonus track)
  2. Lake of Burning Fire (bonus track)
  3. Pony Dress (bonus track)
  4. Hard Road to Follow (bonus track)
  5. Impossible Crime (bonus track)
  6. Poison Arrow
  7. We'll Never Die
  8. Every Time I Call your Name
  9. Fistful of Vodka
  10. Father of Lies
  11. Eyes Without a Face
  12. I Take What I Want
  13. Buried Treasure
  14. My Destiny
  15. The Hammer Hits the Nail
  16. Rhymes

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