2005 -
(2 out of 5 Stars)
An Absence Of Empathy (2005)

Rating: 2


Progressive Metal

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Track Listing

  1. Human Grain: An Absence of Empathy
  2. Just One More: Murder I-Serial Killer
  3. Miseducation: Violence in Schools I-The Teacher
  4. I Killed You: Murder II-Impulse Killer
  5. This Is Gonna Hurt: Torture I-Torturing
  6. Push the Button: War I-Modern War/Impersonal
  7. In an Empty Room: Rape I-The Victim
  8. Outcat: Violence in Schools II-School Shooting
  9. Blade: War II-Historical War/Personal
  10. How Long Can I Resist: Rape II-The Assailant
  11. When I Look into My Eyes: Torture II-Being Tortured
  12. What Kind of Animal Am I: Human Grain, Part II

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ProgRock Records

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