1970 -
(4 out of 5 Stars)
Fire And Water (1970)

Rating: 4


Classic Rock

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Track Listing

  1. All Right Now (First Version)
  2. All Right Now (Single Version)
  3. All Right Now (Bbc Session)
  4. Fire An Water (Bbc Session)
  5. Fire And Water (New Stero Mix)
  6. Oh I Wept (Alternate Vocal Take)
  7. All Right Now
  8. Don't Say You Love Me
  9. Mr. Big
  10. Heavy Load
  11. Remember
  12. Oh I Wept
  13. All Right Now (First Version)
  14. All Right Now (Single Version)
  15. All Right Now (BBC Session)
  16. Fire And Water (BBC Session)
  17. Fire And Water (New Stereo Mix)
  18. Oh I Wept (Alternate Vocal Take)
  19. All Right Now
  20. Don`t Say You Love Me
  21. Mr. Big
  22. Heavy Load
  23. Remember
  24. Oh I Wept

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