Give Up The Ghost
2003 -
(2.5 out of 5 Stars)
Background Music (2003)

Rating: 2.5


Punk Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Prodigy/ Fuel my Fire
  2. Delinquent Habbits/ Addicted
  3. 2 Live Crew/ Hochie Mama
  4. Dream Warriors/ My Definition of a Boombaastic Jazzstyle
  5. Dream Warriors/ Mc Boomnut
  6. Harvey/ Any Way You Want
  7. Slick Rick/ Childrens Story
  8. Don Drummond/ Man in the Street
  9. Smach Mouth/ Can't get enough of you Baby
  10. Roey Maruis feat. Azad/ Was Willst Du
  11. Sister Carol/ Original Drum
  12. Chaka Demus/ Tease me
  13. Smoke City/ Underwater Love
  14. New Model Army/ Family
  15. Jurassic 5/ Swing Set
  16. Ice Cube/ The Nigga Ya Love to Hate
  17. Pixies/ Vamos
  18. Brian Setzer/ Barflies At the Beach

Record Label:

Equal Vision

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