2011 -
(3 out of 5 Stars)
You Only Live Twice (2011)

Rating: 3


Industrial Metal

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Track Listing

  1. instrumental (bonus)
  2. bye-die (video version)
  3. same old song (video version)
  4. just hate me (video version)
  5. shut your mouth (video version)
  6. on and on (video version)
  7. suicide machine (video version)
  8. end of the line (video version)
  9. end of the line (live at tavastia helsinki bootleg)
  10. supersonic bitch (live at tavastia helsinki bootleg)
  11. on and on (live at krzemionki tv studio)
  12. eleanor rigby (live at krzemionki tv studio)
  13. nothing (live at krzemionki tv studio)
  14. suicide machine (live at krzemionki tv studio)
  15. breathing in breathing out (live at krzemionki tv studio)
  16. greed (live at krzemionki tv studio)
  17. shut your mouth (live at Metalmania)
  18. same old song (live at Metalmania)
  19. just hate me (live at Metalmania)
  20. its only them (live at Metalmania)
  21. dancing with the dead (live at Metalmania)
  22. on your knees (live at Metalmania)
  23. end of the line (live at Metalmania)

Record Label:

Nuclear Blast

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