Paper Chase, The
2009 -
(3.5 out of 5 Stars)
2006 -
(4 out of 5 Stars)
2004 -
(4 out of 5 Stars)
2002 -
(4 out of 5 Stars)
2000 -
(3.5 out of 5 Stars)
Someday This Could All Be Yours, Vol. 1 (2009)

Rating: 3.5


Alt Metal

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Track Listing

  1. We Have Ways To Make You Talk (The Human Condition)
  2. This Is Only A Test (The Tornado)
  3. The Small Of Your Back The Nape Of Your Neck (The Blizzard)
  4. This Is A Rape (The Flood)
  5. What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning)
  6. Your Money Or Your Life (The Comet)
  7. The Laying Of Hands The Speaking In Tongues (The Mass Hysteria)
  8. The Common Cold (The Epidemic)
  9. Im Going To Heaven With Or Without You (The Forest Fire)

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